About Alexandra: In her own words

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve been drawn to the stars, the universe and beyond.  While growing up I had an increased awareness and fascination with metaphysical concepts. Later, in my art I set out to visualize these ideas. It was a sincere attempt to start a conversation.

But it wasn’t until my accident that I got a firsthand experience with the meta-physics of that which lies beyond what we call “death.” Going through the death experience and visiting different dimensions completely blew my mind. Even today, I maintain it was single-handedly the most awe-inspiring experience I’ve ever had. In my late twenties, I was an art student in Amsterdam, Holland. One morning as I was on my way to college on my bicycle I was run over by a truck. This vehicle weighed 13 tons! In that moment I died.

I spiraled out of my body high up in the air, hovered over the scene and looked down at my broken body. I took it all in while also in awe of the incredible mind-expanding experience that was taking place. I was totally detached, feeling no pain. Then as if an invisible cord snapped, I let go of my last connection to my physical body and went into the afterlife. I do not recall going into a tunnel, into the light or anything like that.

I recall being in four different dimensions, last one being Source Energy. This ultimate level, this Source-dimension was the most profound sensation of wholeness and bliss I have ever felt. Some clients of Past Life Regressions attest to this when they have the good fortune of reaching this high dimension in a session! As I reemerged into consciousness in my body, I was in an IC unit connected to a ventilator.

At present, I have a much more aware perspective of the experience and have gained valuable insight to the reasons for my accident, my karma and my current life purpose. I learned about Soul contracts and how we all choose them before we incarnate into a new life. I chose to come with the contract of artist, lightworker, etc. and I am very much a “Volunteer,” a term coined by my mentor Dolores Cannon in her book “The Three Waves of Volunteers.” I was further told that the old me had to be taken out in order to allow a new me to come in, as to make sure I would fulfill my life’s purpose.  They said they were a bit concerned that I was not going to deliver my purpose on time, so they took measures to ‘awaken’ me. To speed things up so to speak!

Now even after all these years and so much reflection, I still can’t write this up without welling up with tears and feeling awash with emotions at the sheer miracle of it all…

I know it is very personal, but I want to share this here for it has hugely impacted my life and for the overlap with my Inner Quantum practice. That first foray into the realms of the after-life and the astral planes has single-handedly sparked my ongoing spiritual quest and has ultimately led me to embrace my life as a ‘modern mystic’, where the myriad of seemingly loose ends so magically fold together.

Thank you for reading this far and being a part of the New Earth Shift taking place on our planet.

Divine Blessings!