– All Quantum Healing sessions are available both in person and online ( via Zoom)

– All Quantum Healing sessions  (QHHT + TQH ) take about 3 hours!

– Group sessions are done in person, offering Past Life Regressions and QHHT

– Channeling sessions:

Channeling is a form of ‘mediumship’. During a channeling session Alexandra enters into a light state of trance during which she opens her channel to Spirit that enables her to receive answers to clients questions. For the client it is like having a direct communication to Spirit,  to Guides, Angels or and any form of higher evolved consciousness. This is a direct, clear connection to higher realms without the use of divination. There are no cards, crystals or any other interface used to obtain higher guidance. This means that there is also minimal distortion in the information received!

Channeling sessions are offered in 30 and 60 min sessions. But can also be tailored to clients specific requirements! During all sessions be it quantum or channeling, we only serve the Light.
Spiritual Counselling:
These are online offerings. They consist of 4 modalities of 75 min, scheduled preferably over 4 consecutive weeks. These 4 blocks of one hour and 15 min are deep explorations of your auric field and vibration, working and clearing blocks and diseases through the chakras, implementing NLP and much more depending on the specific, unique needs of you, the client. They can often include Channeling segments and Light Language transmissions tailormade to each client. These sessions are recorded as they will support the client in their ‘homework’ during this 4 week counselling period. Clients will be encouraged to take notes and practice the exercises offered during the deep counselling modalities.
Note : During all sessions be it quantum, channeling or counselling, we only serve the Light.
During all sessions the clients safety and privacy are guaranteed.
Prices differ by location. For services and prices please inquire via email to alexandrakallosqhht@gmail.com

Details about the QHHT session:

QHHT sessions take about 3 hours. That allows for two sessions a day, 10am and 2pm. There is availability Mondays to Saturdays.

Once we confirm your appointment, you will receive an email with information on how to best prepare for your session.


 Basically a QHHT session is divided into three parts:

After a pre-talk about your life and the questions you are bringing to the session, you are gently guided into a trance state in which we explore past lives or existences. While you remain in trance we call forward your Higher Self or Divine Self. From here we explore the questions on your list. Questions vary greatly depending on what you are seeking or what you wish to heal within yourself. Examples are: Questions about life’s purpose, love/relationships, family issues, career options, present emotional or health struggles, anything really!

We conclude with a ‘body-scan’ and energetic healing. In the final part we take a moment to discuss the overall experience of the session.

It is best not to schedule anything important afterwards. You need to allow yourself some time to fully integrate the experience and further incorporate the insights gained within the session. A Past Life Regression can be a unique, profound experience, and often life changing.

The entire session will be recorded and the audio file will be sent as an MP3 by email for the client to listen to. It is proven to be very beneficial to listen to the insights and messages on the recording many times over.