As a Channeler of Divine Source Energy, all of Alexandras offerings are created by way of her Divine connection and she maintains her Divine channel during all of her one on one sessions as well as during the group sessions.

Here you find her wide array of services, all excellent tools created to assist you on your path to mental, physical and spiritual well-being. All these modalities offer a particular, ‘divine roadmap’ to help you heal, opening up your true multi-dimensionality and most importantly, connect you to your own inner Divine self, your Inner Quantum!

By honoring her own souls purpose, she’s dedicated to assist humanity through this most auspicious time of transition and through her extensive work guiding clients all over the world into deeper alignment with their own life’s purpose and (re)igniting their own, inner Divine Spark so they, too, may share their Light with the world!

FREE SERVICES – Online only, monthly.
Every month Alexandra offers free online events or by donation events called Energy Transmissions.
Other free options are online Group Channeling sessions during which she opens her channel to connect to the energies of the moment, offering channeled guidance and divine perspective on current themes, global events and all kinds of metaphysical subjects for all participants present on the call.
These sessions always include extensive Q & A’s for the participants.
For upcoming dates, follow postings on IG and FB.
Replays available.

Channeling sessionsOnline + in person, 30 min or 60 min, recording at request.
A Channeling session is like a mediumship reading, very similar in outlook to visiting a medium.
As a psychic medium, during a Channeling session Alexandra herself will enter into a light state of trance, calling in her connection to the Divine and from that elevated state is able to answer all your questions. It’s like ‘talking to a wise, loving, trusted friend’. Questions can cover all subjects and are always done in consent with the soul.
For the client a Channeling is like having a direct communication to Spirit, to Guides or any form of higher evolved consciousness. This is a direct, clear connection to higher realms without the use of divination. There are no cards, crystals or any other interface used to obtain higher guidance. This means that there is also minimal distortion in the information received!

Aura + Chakra Clearing/Reading – Online + in person, 75 min.
As a psychic medium Alexandra is able to see and perceive ‘subtle’ energies.
She uses her channel to view your auric field and scan your chakras. The different colors and vibrations in your overall energy field contain precise information about your overall health and well-being, pertaining to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.
Stuck emotions in your field can cause dis-ease if left unattended for example, therefor the state of your chakras is vital to the proper functioning for the totality of your body-mind-spirit complex. Chakras or ‘wheels of light’ need to be spinning correctly in order to process the lifeforce, Qi energies or prana needed for your system to flow freely.
During the channeling Alexandra will share updates on your unique auric field, its meaning and will clear and recalibrate chakras as guided.
Note: this is a one-off session during which your overall energy system receives a deep reset. The further care and maintenance of the chakra system however is courtesy of the client, as chakras are suspect to fluctuations and blockages that need proper energy recalibration!
You may be interested in the Chakra Clearing Course below, the most complete and profound energy protocol to clear and reset the chakras, a course created by Alexandra through Divine channel, exactly to serve this purpose.

Quantum Hypnosis Regression Sessions – conducted both Online + in person, approx 3 hours, all sessions are recorded, audio files will be sent the day after the session per email.
Oh la la, Quantum Hypnosis Regressions are Alexandras speciality!
If this calls you and you’re deciding to do a QHR session with her, you are in for a unique, intimate and profound experience that will impact your life on all levels.
The QHR session starts with an interview during which you talk about your life and we cover the questions for your session. Then we continue to the actual ‘trance’ part.
While laying down comfortably, you’ll be guided gently into the Theta brainwave state, the hypnotic state from where we can access the Quantum field and the Subconscious. This is where we can explore such things as Past Lifes, Spirit Team, your Cosmic Origin etc and always include a direct communication with your higher or Soul Self.
All sessions are unique and each and everyone will receive the most appropriate experience for that moment in your spiritual evolution. Once you book a session you will receive full details of the QHR session and how to best prepare for it.

QHHT/Dolores Cannon TM method – conducted in person or otherwise upon request.
In 2013 through a series of serendipitous events Alexandra was led to Dolores Cannon, the world renowed Past Life Regressionist and author of 22 books. She was fortunate to study with Dolores in person, taking her QHHT Level I+II certificates while the course was offered in England, finalising in 2014 just a few months before the passing of this beloved mentor.
QHHT takes 4 hours or more and is similar to the QHR sessions. When you choose to book a QHHT session, you will receive all relevant info to your session by email.

Single sessions or multi session packages: Online only, 75 min or multiple upon request.
A single session can be booked as a follow up session or to help clarify experiences from previous sessions or workshops.

Chakra Clearing Course – Online only, one month, 4x weekly sessions 75 min.
The CCC is a complete process of connecting to and clearing of the chakras on the quantum level.
It’s a form of inner energy engineering as it’s vital to understand that the overall chakra system and their proper functioning is the foundation of a healthy body, mind and ultimately life. This course should form an intrinsic part for anyone on a spiritual path or an energy worker, as it provides the basis for all energy and manifestational practices to be successful!
This Course came into being by Divine Channel and will carefully guide you through the step by step process of chakra balancing that will serve you a lifetime.

Sacred Feminine Temple – 3 months Online, women only, twice a month gatherings.
SFT is an intimate, safe space in which a select group of only 4 women explore in-depth the Feminine Archetypes as described by Carl Jung and how to interweave these sacred energies into their daily lives. This is a deep exploration into modern femininity, part ceremony, part live Transmission, enabling deeper embodiment of the sacred feminine imprints.
This Course runs several times a year; check for dates on IG and FB.

Ignite Sacred Masculine – both Online + in person retreats, men only, max 6 participants.
ISM online Course consists of three weekend online gatherings for the exploration and activation of true, sacred masculinity, so needed in these times of global awakening and the desire for Spiritual Partnerships.
Like all her offerings, this ISM sacred container arrives by way of Divine Channel and will slightly differ from event to event, depending on the overall vibration of the group and their specific needs. This is deep and intimate work for men who are ready to take their life to the next level, who are ready to unpack their masculinity, decode their shadow while being deeply and safely held in this intimate space, allowing them to transcend to the higher octaves available now to all that are awake and committed.
These intense group sessions are part Initiation and part live Transmission.
These sessions/retreats run various times a year, check for dates on IG and FB.

1:1 Mentoring – Online only, 3 + 6 months packages, private counselling.
Under the umbrella of her Quantum Life Coaching – inspired by her brand name Inner Quantum – Alexandra offers bespoke mentoring programs for clients who wish for powerful support and expansion on their paths of Spiritual Awakening, individual Soul journeys and/or professional, career paths.
Quantum Coaching is an amazing tool offering clients more rapid, spiritual and professional transformation. This is where all of her quantum gifts, such as her mediumship, clairvoyance, energy clearing and years of guiding clients into newer, more expanded parts of themselves come into play.
It’s here in the intimacy and intensity of 1:1 counselling where all of Alexandras many years of experience, holding Sacred Space and serving her Divine souls journey synthesize into her own, unique blend of high vibrational frequency!
This is where a certain kind of magic happens affecting much transformation in her clients lives.
Follow IG and FB for availability, space openings and different price points or contact her directly to inquire and discuss about mentoring for You with Alexandra!

Quantum Property Clearing & Activation – part remote and physical/onsite session.
Are you building on a newly acquired piece of land, moving to a new home, a new office or wish to improve your current spaces?
Just as people use Feng Shui to improve their spaces, Quantum Property Clearing is a next level optimisation for your home or professional property.
Just likes shamans are able to connect to the earth and communicate with it affecting change, Alexandra can energetically connect to any land or building and ‘read it’. By way of her Divine Channel she connects to the space or land and invites it to ‘speak’ to her, thus communicating to the devas (guardians of the earth kingdoms), the spirits that live on the land or the home, revealing their messages and securing the best ways for energy optimisation. This is vital for unlocking the full potential of a space, the acknowledgement of existing karma, the placing of crystals etc to unlock the best flow of life-force and alignment.
This is a unique service to create the best possible outcomes, crops etc for your properties!
QPC comes in two options: first option is done remotely by scanning the home, office or land in question shared by audio recording.
Second option is done by physical visit and also recorded for the client. Upon request this can also be done by using a combination of the two. Feel free to contact Alexandra and inquire about the best option for you!

Note: All Alexandras Services are offered in person and/or online and prices may vary per region!