Dubai dates Dec. 2018

By December 6, 2018Dolores Cannon, QHHT, Uncategorized
I’ll be back in Dubai from 16- 21 Dec.
As always, i’ll be offering the 3 hour QHHT sessions.
I will be taking appointments for the 10 am and 2 pm timeslots.
 If you would like to book an appointment, please email me or text me at
#968 9251 1882 asap to inquire about availabilty
as slots are filling up quickly!
Then i will also be hosting two workshops this time!
First up is a QHHT group session on sunday 16 Dec. Yes, you heard that right;)
This is your chance to have an experience what a QH past life regression really feels like.
After a short introduction you will be guided into trance to explore two different lifetimes,
one in the past and one in the future!
 This QH group session is a very effective way of sampling what a full, private session
could be like.
Its best to bring a yoga mat, a light blanket and a small pillow if you can.
Date: Sunday 16 Dec
Time: 19.00 – 20.30 hr
Energy exchange 160 AED
Location :  HiVibes, Desert Springs Village, villa 48, Barsha Heights.
The second workshop is another edition of the Basic Channeling Mediumship workshop.
In this workshop you will gain full access to Universal Guidance and Intelligence.
During this workshop you will learn how to prepare for and conduct an actual channeling and mediumship session with Divine Intelligence. This will allow you to tap into universal, cosmic intelligence receiving higher guidance on love, life and career decisions.
After completion of this course you’ll be no longer limited by your own concsiousness or mental capabilities but will now receive clear guidance and decision making from the Divine Universal consciousness.
Date: wednesday 19 Dec
Time: 19.00-21.30 hr
Energy exchange 260 AED
Location :  HiVibes, Desert Springs Village, villa 48, Barsha Heights.
Please reserve your seat now as there is limited availability.
If theres any questions, please, text me at # 968 9251 1882 or email me at
See you all soon,
with love